Last Friday morning, we were received with great openness and interest in the offices of MINTUR QUITO, by Master Renato Cevallos (Tourism Training Specialist) and David Carranco Quiñónez of the Technical Training Department.
Senior officials of this ministry with the days before we had scheduled a meeting with the purpose of exposing them in a direct and detailed way as was the beginning of REDTAEC, trajectory, current actions and future projects that we as private consultants and grouped in RED DE TURISMO ECUADOR we have done for the benefit of the leaders in the dissemination, planning, execution and projections that they are making in the benefit of accessible and inclusive tourism for our city and country.
We are very attentive and with expectations, we listen to Renato and David their complacency, for such an important work that without a doubt is a national contribution to the national and international tourist development. They also expressed their support and commitment to our proposals on the road to our specific requests that the son of what MINTUR allows us to continue using the corporate logo on the cover of our web platform, and social networks, we in the endorsement A Our training plan related to education, awareness, technical and experiential advice on accessibility, consultancy and execution of accessible and inclusive adventure tourism activities, among others. But we also want to be part of what this ministry plans on the subject that do not occupy and the examinations always to order
The truth was a very enjoyable meeting where it became clear that they as technical representatives of MINTUR learned directly from what we are, we do and pretend as REDTAEC, to go forward for the benefit of the whole country and for this we are a team composed of Young professionals such as architects, engineers in tourism, human rights, health, among others and who are grouped together to serve and provide such an important activity that is the central focus of our current president: TOURISM and as part of this wide market margin ACCESS AND INCLUSIVE TOURISM and all the other actions that these projects complement for a quality life of people with disabilities, their families, community and environment.


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Alfonso Eliecer Morales

Alfonso Eliecer Morales

Director Ejecutivo REDTAEC

Emprendedor, Activista y Speaker.

Ha participado en muchas conferencias dentro y fuera del país; ha realizado varios emprendimientos dentro de Ecuador motivado principalmente en ayudar a grupos vulnerables. Es escritor del libro “Semblanza de una vida” y su eslogan, como usuario de silla de ruedas, es:

Si vivir con una discapacidad es una aventura, imagínate viajar con ella.

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